Phosphorus pentoxide
   Sodium hexametaphosphate
   Polyphosphoric acid
   Sodium sulfide
   Sulfur powder
   Sulfur block
   Carbon disulfide
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Located in the west side of Hunan Road of south end of Longshou Town of Zichuan District of Zibo City, Zibo Zichuan Yalong Chemical Factory is a high-tech research, development, production and trade enterprise in phosphorus chemical industry. Sticking to such tenet of "market-oriented, relying on technological innovation, taking environmental protection and safety as mission, and creating a brand with integrity and dedication", Yalong is committed to the development of phosphorus chemical industry. After more than 20 years of development, Yalong now has become the largest phosphorus chemical product manufacturer in Shandong Province, with 33,000 square meters of lands, CNY 30 million of total asset and more than 200 employees (over 50 of them are technicians); at the same time, we annually produce 7,000 tons of phosphorus pentoxide, 3,000 tons of sodium hexametaphosphate, 4,000 tons of polyphosphoric acid, 30,000 tons of sodium sulfide, 2, 000 tons of sulfur powder, 1,000 tons of lump sulfur and 10,000 tons of carbon disulfide. They are widely used in daily chemical fragrances, pesticides, pharmaceutical synthesis, aerospace, nuclear power, ships, automobiles, strategic new materials and other fields. "Be people-oriented, build a harmonious enterprise and realize "strong enterprise and rich employees"" is the goal of our factory. "To be an innovative learning-oriented enterprise and create international famous brands" is the unremitting pursuit of our factory. Our development is inseparable from the supports and help of friends all around the world. Yalong looks forward to cooperating with you to create a win-win situation with you!

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